Multimedia Performance, Contemporary

“… pure talent, ingenuity, and beauty.” – Nerdist

ELEVENPLAY is a Tokyo-based movement and media collective creating stunningly beautiful and innovative expressions of the body. Using technologies such as drones, robot arms, and lasers, ELEVENPLAY is expanding the scope of what a dance ensemble can communicate in the 21st century. The group’s lead choreographer, Mikiko, is well-known in Japanese dance circles, having choreographed for the Japanese metal group Babymetal; the girl group Sakura Gakuin; and the pop group Perfume.

For American audiences, ELEVENPLAY was the stand-out act in the second audition episode of America’s Got Talent in 2016. During its five-year history ELEVENPLAY has also notably danced during the opening act of Lady Gaga’s 2014 world tour ArtRave: The Artpop Ball, specifically dancing with Hatsune Miku.

Two years ago, Vice reported on an ELEVENPLAY performance in Tokyo included three dancers and three drones, with projection mapping, writing “Japanese dance troupe ELEVENPLAY have teamed up with artist, hacker, and all-around iconoclast Daito Manabe to create a performance that brings the term, “rise of the machines” to literal new heights”. It was in 2011 that Daito Manabe started to work in collaboration with the dance company to produce works using mechanical learning technologies. Since then, these works were shown at festivals including Sónar (Barcelona), Scopitone (Nantes) and Mutek (Mexico City) and were praised by the media at home and abroad including features on WIRED and the Discovery Channel.

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