Holes in the Sky – Lara Downes

Classical Pianist

I want real things – live people to take hold of – to see – and talk to – music that makes holes in the sky – I want to love as hard as I can” – Georgia O’Keefe

Holes in the Sky is new project, coming in 2019, conceived and curated by pianist Lara Downes that celebrates women’s music and women’s lives.

Lara says, “This project is a tribute to the women who came before us, pioneers ahead of their time. The ones who dared to want real things, to reach into the sky. Their courage is the ground we walk on.

And this is a celebration of women today – my musical friends and colleagues who are creating beauty in the world, artists who are taking risks and moving out ahead of our own time, with the courage that is our legacy –  the courage to reach for real things, to dream as big as we can, and to share this music that makes holes in the sky.”