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Paris Chansons

Global, French Musical Group

“Paris Chansons is an accomplished ensemble providing a wonderful evening of musical entertainment that celebrates France and French culture.” – L.A. Cabaret Music Review

Paris Chansons is an exciting and unique French musical group.  They are known for their original renditions of French favorites from Aznavour, Brel, Dassin, Piaf, Macias, Montand all the way to contemporary artists like Zaz.  Their exhilarating performances are punctuated with traditional jazz standards as well as classics in Russian, Italian, and other languages.

Three multilingual singers bring an unparalleled diversity to their shows.  Julia Kantor, originally from the Ukraine, lived and studied in France where she discovered in French music a soul connection that still imbues every performance.  She entrances from the stage with a sultry voice and dynamic presence.  Together with her husband, Jacob, a Russian-born singer/songwriter, they launched Paris Chansons.  Max Cohen grew up in Morocco steeped in French music, particularly the songs of Enrico Macias.  Max’s rich velvety tone delivers beautifully nuanced renditions of his favorites, complete with a signature North African lilt.

Superb musicianship anchors the ensemble, effortlessly moving from jazzy improvisation to slow-burning balladry to blistering gypsy fervor.  All seasoned pros, the musicians are Jeff Lams on piano, Adam Cohen on upright bass, Endre Balogh on violin, Sinclair Lott on drums and Jacob Kantor on guitar.  Paris Chansons takes you on a journey without leaving your seat (except of course to dance!), a spectacular celebration of French and international music that brings the world that much closer.

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