Penny Arcade

Contemporary Performer, Spoken Word Artist

“… infectious energy. She expresses herself vigorously onstage and off, and seems in equal measure frustrated with and fascinated by the world.” – The New York Times

Penny Arcade debuted in 1968 at age 18 with New York’s explosive Play-House of the Ridiculous, the seminal rock and roll, queer, glitter/glam political theater. She became a Warhol Superstar at age 19 featured in the 1972 Warhol/Morrissey comedy, “Women in Revolt”.

She is the author of over ten full-length works and hundreds of solo performance pieces. Her text-based work has always focused on the other and the outsider, on individuality and authenticity. Her focus on community building as the goal of performance and performance as a transformative act, marks her as an original on the world stage.

Since 1992, she has collaborated with former architect and video producer Steve Zehentner in all her theatre work, and since 1999 they have co-helmed, “The Lower East Side Biography Project”, an oral history video project.

Penny Arcade is also a poet and essayist. Her writing has been published in numerous newspapers, journals and catalogs: Film Culture, Found Object, Verses That Hurt, Please Kill Me (The Oral History of Punk), Out of Character, Raves, Rants and Monologues from America’s Top Performance Artists, Monologues for Women, Monologues for Cold Reading, and Writing Your Own Monologues.

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