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“If Alfred Hitchcock turned a graphic novel into live theater … an extraordinary merger of cinematic and theatrical art” – Los Angeles Time

Teatro Cinema was formed in the eighties by three young graduates from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile’s Theater School, at the same time as they founded La Troppa. Their motivation was a quest for and creation of their own language, an effort that immediately bore fruit. In 2005, the company re-formed under the name TEATROCINEMA as an artistic multidisciplinary collective by means of which a new language was created to fuse (or confuse) the essential elements of theater, film, and comics, and has produced the plays Sin sangre (No Blood) in 2007, El hombre que daba de beber a las mariposas (The Man Who Fed Butterflies) in 2010, Historia de amor (Love Story) in 2013, and La contadora de películas (The Movie Teller) in 2015. TEATROCINEMA has performed at the most important venues and international festivals around the world. Along with performances in Chile, it has toured internationally in some 20 countries.

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