Mexican Funk / Jazz

“Immediately infectious tunes and an energetic live show“.
– The Huffington Post

If Salvador Dalí ever made a heist movie, then Mexico’s TROKER would have been the soundtrack. Hailing from the Mexican state Jalisco, a land where tequila has long been its most famous export, Troker may just be the most important new musical export from Jalisco today. Troker’s sound careens between the sublime and the dangerous, turning on a dime from precise and complex, to wild and free. The six-piece group has created a blend of both composed and improvised, where metal riffage merges with powerhouse funk drumming and DJ scratching, and where its melodic horn lines pull from both jazz and mariachi traditions. Troker knows what it takes to move a crowd. In 2014, Troker shined particularly bright, becoming the first band inthe history to play twice, in consecutive years, at the West Holts Stage at the legendary Glastonbury Festival in England.

In 2014, they were both SXSW and WOMEX official showcasing artists. In 2015, the New York City Jazz Record rated Troker among the top 20 best performances of the year, alongside artists like Vijay Iyer, the Julian Lage Trio, Charles Lloyd, and other of the ilk. In 2015, Troker was selected to be one of the five artists from Latin America awarded the Southern Exposure touring grant, which subsidized major touring and educational outreach opportunities in over fifteen states across the USA. In September of 2016, Troker made its debut at the 59th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival.


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