Our Story

Mission and philosophy:

Cadenza Artists is a powerful collective of authentic, passionate and artist-centered professionals who innovate and curate bold artistic experiences in partnership with leading arts presenters and institutions, diverse communities, and creative spaces globally.

We are committed to raising the bar on what an agency can be, bringing positivity, ingenuity, determination, energy, and a collaborative spirit to our field. We see ourselves at the intersection of dynamic artists and forward-thinking presenters who are committed not just to presenting arts programs that are relevant, but that deeply impact the communities that they serve. Our bottom line: whether you are an artist, presenter, or collaborator, our job is to understand your goals and needs, identify synergies, and shepherd your collaborations to the highest levels of success.

“Cadenza has given me wings to fly.” – Lara Downes, Pianist

When you book an artist or show through Cadenza, you can expect:

  • Artistic excellence of the highest level.
  • An artist who is ready to impact your community in myriad ways
    –   Customized artistic projects
    New commissions
    Specialized outreach programs with measurable outcomes
    Explore everything with an open mindset, eager to learn more about your artistic and community-driven goals.
  • A professional, committed team that is prepared to work with you through all of the contractual, financial, and logistical details that lead up to the performance date.
  • A marketing specialist who is eager to strategize your promotional strategy.
  • A visa and international tax law specialist who handles all the paperwork for our international artists or for our artists touring abroad.
  • Our artists have phenomenal existing programs and projects that have reached thousands. Still, most are eager to explore possibilities for new commissions, and our team enjoys organizing commissioning consortia to elevate all projects to their fullest possible scope.
  • Eager partners, ready to brainstorm out of the box ideas with you.

Our roster consists of world class artists that not only offer unparalleled artistry but whose creativity pushes our industry forward, inspiring and emboldening the humanity in those who are touched by their work. They are innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs who collaborate with visionary visual artists, leading virtual and augmented reality gurus, cultural impact experts, and tech leaders to create art that is as profound as it is immersive and moving. The Cadenza roster includes artists from all over the world, and across genres, including contemporary theater, classical music, world music, hybrid multimedia, and dance. Cultivating a team of experienced, extraordinarily creative client-focused agents and arts administrators, Cadenza Artists is experiencing rapid growth in both US and international markets, with agents and partners in territories spanning North America, the Middle East and the Far East.  

We appreciate the trust that you place in us, and we look forward to partnering with you to achieve the results and community impact that you’re seeking.

Partnering with Artists:

At our core, we create an environment in which the artists who entrust us with their careers truly thrive – creatively and professionally. We approach each artist individually, infuse them with confidence, and empower them to inspire through their art. Together with our sister company, iCadenza, we work with artists to bolster their careers and open doors for them that will change their lives. The artists we work with are world-class performers, thought leaders, social activists, and change makers who inspire us to, as one of our artists says, help them achieve not just what they desire, but what they could never even imagine.”

Other artists on our roster have remarked:

“This team has my back, but we are also in step together and moving forward with foresight and intention. Working with them is revelatory and the possibilities are extraordinary. They have provided a compass to guide me to my goals.”

“Julia is truly my partner in dreaming and growing. She receives my ideas and plans with enthusiasm, helps me shape and polish them, and encourages me to let them grow as big as they can. I’ve never experienced this kind of support and collaboration before, and the results are immediately tangible.”

“In my performing and recording work, doors are opening wide to welcome the projects we are creating, and I am boundlessly excited about the adventures to come.”

“They constantly think outside of the box, steering projects and collaborations so that they will nourish my artistic goals. Knowing that I can trust them to advocate for me and my work, and that no detail will go unnoticed, provides immense relief and freedom.”

“Ultimately, Julia is not just a manager but my creative partner who is an integral part to the development of my music and career.”

 Our journey:

We (Julia Torgovitskaya Rapoport and Jennifer Rosenfeld) started our first venture, iCadenza, in 2009 with the mission of empowering musicians for professional success. A year later, at the request of our clients, we launched Cadenza Artists with a vision to create an agency that was at once artist-centered and community-focused. Talking to arts organizations and artists, we found that everyone was trying to find ways to make the arts more relevant so that audiences would continue to support them, experience them, and find meaning through them, in spite of a multitude of distractions and alternative entertainment options. At the same time, we encountered sentiments of exhaustion, exasperation, and a mix of fear and defeat from musicians, presenters, and arts administrators alike. Our goal became to provide solutions and infuse the industry with optimism and excitement about the future.

In the years since our founding, iCadenza has expanded its services to consult for higher education on musician career development, help established artists achieve big dreams and create business infrastructures, and support arts organizations on critical areas including diversity, organizational culture, talent development, board development, and community programs. Cadenza Artists has evolved into a full-service agency with a professional team that is committed to enabling communities to experience the transformative power of live performing arts.