Our Story


Cadenza Artists is a powerful collective of authentic, passionate and artist-centered professionals who innovate and curate bold artistic experiences in partnership with leading arts presenters and institutions, diverse communities, and creative spaces globally.


Cadenza is committed to bringing positivity, ingenuity, determination, energy, and a collaborative spirit to our industry. Whether you are an artist, presenter or collaborator, our job is to understand your goals and needs, identify synergies, and shepherd your collaborations to the highest levels of success.

“This team has my back, but we are also in step together and moving forward with foresight and intention. Working with them is revelatory and the possibilities are extraordinary.” – Cadenza Artist


When you book an artist or show through Cadenza, you can expect:

  • A team that is committed to making a positive impact on our field
  • Artistic excellence of the highest level
  • Artists who are ready to impact your community through customized artistic projects, new commissions, and specialized outreach programs with measurable outcomes
  • A professional, committed team that is prepared to work with you through all of the contractual, financial, and logistical details that lead up to the performance date
  • A marketing specialist who is eager to strategize your promotional strategy
  • A visa and international tax law specialist who handles all the paperwork for our international artists or for our artists touring abroad
  • Partners that are ready to brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas with you

We look forward to working with you to achieve the results and community impact that you’re seeking.

“They constantly think outside of the box, steering projects and collaborations so that they will nourish my artistic goals. Knowing that I can trust them to advocate for me and my work, and that no detail will go unnoticed, provides immense relief and freedom.” – Cadenza Artist


Cadenza Co-Founders, Julia Torgovitskaya Rapoport and Jennifer Rosenfeld, first started iCadenza in 2009 with the mission of empowering musicians for professional success. A year later, at the request of iCadenza clients, Cadenza Artists was launched with the vision to create an agency that was artist-centered and community-focused. And now, ten years later, Cadenza Artists has evolved into a full-service agency with a professional team that is committed to enabling communities to experience the transformative power of live performing arts.

“Cadenza has given me wings to fly.” – Lara Downes, Pianist


At our core, we create an environment in which the artists who entrust us with their careers, truly thrive – creatively and professionally. We approach each artist individually, infuse them with confidence, and empower them to inspire through their art. Together with our sister company, iCadenza, we work with artists to bolster their careers and open doors for them that will change their lives. The artists we work with are world-class performers, thought leaders, social activists, and changemakers who inspire us to, as one of our artists says, ”help them achieve not just what they desire, but what they could never even imagine.”

“In my performing and recording work, doors are opening wide to welcome the projects we are creating, and I am boundlessly excited about the adventures to come.” – Cadenza Artist

Our roster includes artists from all over the world. They are innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs who collaborate with visionary visual artists, virtual and augmented reality gurus, cultural impact experts and tech leaders, to create art that is as profound as it is immersive and moving.

March of the Penguins live with Seattle Symphony. With conductor Jeffrey Schindler and violinist Arthur Zadinsky.