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“Combining elements of dance, performance art, music, technology, light, music and more, the versatile Japanese troupe ‘Enra’ has stumbled upon magic.” – The Huffington Post

Formed in 2012 by the esteemed Japanese artistic director Nobuyuki Hanabusa, “enra” is a Tokyo-based performance and production company that seeks to create the ultimate union between motion graphics and live performance. Straddling the line between contemporary art and engaging entertainment, enra’s innovation seamlessly unites genres such as ballet, Kung-fu, acrobatics, juggling, rhythmic gymnastics and motion graphics. The dancers and performers making up the company have toured extensively all around the world, performing in Spain, Germany, France, Singapore, China, North America and South America. In addition to a number of customized private events, enra has also participated in a number of conferences, including the TEDx conference in Puerto Rico in early 2013.

In October 2013, enra performed at Japan’s successful 2020 Olympic bid hosted by Japan’s Prime Minister, propelling them into the international spotlight. The company has achieved viral recognition through their YouTube videos. The video Pleiades has stacked up an impressive six million views. enra has been featured numerous times on television in Japan, the United States, and Europe (including the popular Spanish program El Hormiguero).

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