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“Siudy Garrido & Company Shine at (the) L.A. Philharmonic” -Billboard Magazine

The career of Siudy Garrido, the renowned flamenco dancer, choreographer, and artistic director, began on stage at the tender age of 5 in her native country, Venezuela. She is the daughter to the celebrated dancer and instructor Siudy Quintero, who was awarded by the King of Spain for expanding the art of Flamenco beyond its borders. Siudy’s formal dance foundation initiated in her mother’s academy where she began her professional path. Following the footsteps of her mother and seizing the responsibility of her lineage, she has dedicated her life to the globalization of the art of flamenco exploring new concepts of dance where her studies in classical, contemporary and jazz were infused with her flamenco origins, swirling traditional and contemporary techniques into a brand of flamenco that’s notably her own and creating a universe filled with rich movement and rhythm.

Siudy’s global trajectory has captured the admiration of other remarkable artists in various artistic realms. In 2010, Siudy was invited to provide Cirque du Soleil’s cast with an intensive workshop in Las Vegas. She has collaborated with artists in the music industry, being invited to make special appearances in music videos, tour concerts and award ceremonies with renowned figures such as Bebo y Cigala, Niña Pastori, Mana, Romeo Santos, Alejandro Sanz and Marc Anthony. Within the classical genre she has collaborated with the Pittsburgh Opera, Simon Bolivar Orchestra, Miami Symphony MISO, among others.

Siudy Garrido continues to globalize flamenco on and off stage and has established a flamenco dance-training program, Siudy Flamenco Program, accessible to all audiences, parallel to her work as a performing artist, choreographer and artistic director for Siudy Flamenco Dance Theater.

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